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Fall 2015
Center for Philosophy of Religion Initiatives Award $4 Million to 40 Research Projects
Two research initiatives housed in Notre Dame’s Center for Philosophy of Religion have awarded nearly $4 million in grants to 40 research projects seeking to advance understanding of the concepts of hope and optimism as well as religious and transformative experiences. Read More >

Anthropologist Fights for Better Life for Refugees
Every day, an estimated 40,000 people flee their homes in search of safety elsewhere. For many, a temporary stop in a refugee camp becomes a lifetime of dependency and desolation. Anthropologist Rahul Oka believes there is a better way to provide aid to these residents. With colleagues across campus, he has studied the evolution of trade and commerce, focusing on the formal and informal economies that develop within these camps.  Read More >

Students Discuss Value of Catholic Intellectual Life
For Notre Dame students, the unparalleled liberal arts education they receive is grounded in and enhanced by the Catholic intellectual life fostered on campus. Students are encouraged to examine enduring questions and explore cultures and traditions across time and around the world. “We’re thinking about the impact, we’re trying to be compassionate, and we’re trying to do something that’s really worthwhile for the world,” said history major Camille Suarez. Read More >

Six New History Faculty Enhance Transnational Research Profile
They bring expertise in subjects that span physical borders and chronological boundaries. They bring passion to their research and energy to their classrooms. And the six new faculty members joining the Department of History this fall bring additional prestige to an already elite group of academics. Read More >

Psychologist Explores What Happens When We Sleep
The research of Jessica Payne, associate professor and Nancy O’Neill Collegiate Chair in Psychology, shows that the non-waking hours are incredibly valuable for your day-to-day life, especially for helping to commit information to memory and for problem solving. If you ever thought sleep was just downtime between one task and the next, think again. Read More >

Music Faculty Strengthen Ties with Scholars in Asia
Continuing to foster cultural relationships with scholars and alumni in Asia, three faculty from the Department of Music traveled to Seoul, Beijing, and Hong Kong in October. During a 12-day tour, they gave concerts and lectures at leading universities and cultural institutions, including the Asia Society in Hong Kong.  Read More >

Alumna Builds Design Career with Creativity, Collaboration
Mallory McMorrow’s personal connection to cars is what guided her to major in industrial design and subsequently build a career around thoughtfully designed products and experiences. As director of creative strategy for HēLō, a Los Angeles-based experiential production company, she utilizes all facets of her degree to tell advertising stories through design, product, and style.  Read More >

Video: Institute for Latino Studies Program Offers Immersive Experience
The Cross-Cultural Leadership Program (CCLP) is a three-credit, eight-week summer course administered by the Institute for Latino Studies. The service-learning experience immerses students in organizations serving Latino communities in Chicago, Los Angeles, or Washington, D.C. “We’re able to go out into the community, speak Spanish, and really relate to the people on the ground level. I couldn’t have asked for anything better,” said Gregory Jenn, a junior political science and Romance languages major.  Read More >

Army Officer Earns Economics Ph.D. in Record Time
Two years and nine months. That’s how long it took Army Maj. Carl Wojtaszek to complete his Ph.D. in Notre Dame’s Department of Economics—a little more than half the typical time. An assistant professor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point since 2008, Wojtaszek received a prestigious, yet finite, award from the Army—full funding to pursue his advanced degree, but a three-year time limit to complete it. Read More >

FTT Course on Nonfiction Graphic Novels Inspires Visual Storytelling by Students
After adapting his award-winning documentary On the Bridge into a graphic novel that portrayed veterans’ war stories and his emotions as he interviewed them, Olivier Morel, an assistant professor of film, television, and theatre, was inspired to create an undergraduate course. In Graphic Wounds, Graphic Novels, readings and discussions with some of the genre’s leading authors revealed how trauma and recovery are depicted in nonfiction graphic novels. Read More >


Shamrock Series Events to Tackle Irish History, Research on Poverty

American Psychological Association Honors Professor’s Book

ACLS Fellowships Support Research on Italian Silent Film and ‘Frankenstein’

History Ph.D. Students Win Major Fellowships

Alumni Filmmakers Mentor Students During ’First Time Fans’ Series

Video: Economics Major Interns at Beijing Financial News Organization

Professor Receives NEH Public Scholar Grant to Examine ‘Bible Wars’

Glynn Scholar Awarded Fulbright for Summer Archaeology Program

Alumnus Patrick Burke Advocates for Safety and Inclusion in Sports

Video: Meet French Major Paulina Luna

Anthropologists Propose ’Breastsleeping’ as New Word and Concept

Spanish Community-Based Learning Courses Continue Growth

Video: Meet Studio Art Major Lauren Miller

Chicago Archdiocese COO on the Liberal Arts and Catholic Leadership

Scholar of Latin American Studies Joins Romance Languages and Literatures

Anthropology Major Interns at Johns Hopkins Medical School Lab

Video: Meet Chinese Major Jack McKenna

English Professor Talks Luxury as Form of Power in 17th-Century England

Theatre Professor’s Play Explores Nuances of Interfaith Love

Unique Collaboration Brings Scholar of Ancient Philosophy to Campus

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